Paver Sealing

There are many benefits that come with Concrete or Paver Sealing:

  1. Huge increase in curb appeal.
  2. Prevents mold, mildew and majority of stains from soiling your surface.
  3. Inhibits weed growth.
  4. Helps to resist fading and protect against harmful UV rays.

Our Sealing Process:

  1. Prep is where it all begins. We will start of by making sure the surface is clean. Our team uses effective cleaners to ensure that your surface is 100% ready for the sealing process. If efflorescence is present we would remove that at this time also. Efflorescence is a white haze that forms on your pavers after a few weeks or months after production. This is caused by migrating salt within the concrete and is a natural condition that may occur in all cement based products. Efflorescence does not effect the integrity of the surface but before sealing it is important to remove it.
  2. After the surface is clean, we will sand all joints. This step will keep your pavers locked together and resist shifting or sinking.
  3. Now its time to see the difference. At this point our crew will begin the process of applying the acrylic sealer to your paver surface. We apply 3 coats of our sealer to your pavers for longevity of the sealer and to get that beautiful long lasting shine. We only use the highest grade sealer (URESEAL Wet Look. Natural look also available). Use of a low quality sealer will cause slippery surfaces, white hazy finish and is much more expense in the long to fix. If your pavers have been sealed with a subpar sealer, and has turned white, you will need to have them stripped before being able to reseal them. For more information give us a call anytime for a free estimate to restore your pavers or travertine to new!



House Washing

For those of us who live is the beautiful sunshine state we consider ourselves lucky. Just a stones throw from the ocean, fantastic weather and greenery all year round. That being said it does have its drawbacks. The humidity of our state takes a toll on your homes curb appeal as well as long term of your largest investment. This is where we come in.

Cleaning your homes exterior can be a daunting task as a home owner, especially if your home is 2 stories or larger. Call the pros with the equipment and expertise to get your home looking good as new in no time. With our power washers we are able to clean up to 50' safely from the ground without the use of ladders and yet at a safe pressure.

At Elite Pressure Washing we will clean your home with minimal low pressure every time. For you this means Safe, Effective and Transformative.

Lets be honest, anyone can operate a pressure washer. Besides its just point, aim and shoot right? Not with us. Don’t risk your homes surfaces, time and money hiring an non-insured or inexperienced company. We do it right the first time, you will see or its free.


The Bottom Line

If your home is in need of a power wash please don’t hesitate. Hit the call button below to schedule your 100% free estimate. And that's not the only thing that is 100%... rest assured knowing that with us you will have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every job.

Concrete Cleaning

Have you attempted to clean your driveway before? Put aside the fact that it took you all day to complete and you probably didn't enjoy it very much. You might have an electric power washer. As they can be great for some projects like washing your car or motorcycle, we have a better solution for your property. When cleaning any concrete or flat surfaces its all about gallons per min (GPM) and the proper pound force per square inch (PSI). Our professional state of the art equipment is designed to clean deeply, safely and efficiently. We only use 8 gallon GPM 3500 PSI pressure washers coupled with a surface cleaner scrubber to get your concreate or pavers the cleanest possible. That's the professional clean you and your homes parking areas deserve.

Let us do your dirty work. We come prepared to tackle the dirtiest, moldiest, concrete surfaces with ease.

What to expect

When we arrive to clean your drive or sidewalk we will begin with a pre-treatment that will lift up the dirt, grime, and mold that's imbedded in your concrete or paver surfaces. Secondly we will thoroughly wash and sanitize your driveway, pool deck, or sidewalk surfaces with our surface scrubber. After the area is clean a thorough rinsing is the final step to remove all of the remaining loose debris leaving you with a fresh driveway that looks like new!


Before and after sidewalk concrete pressure washing

Pool Cage and Deck Cleaning

Being in Florida for several years we understand how enjoyable having a screened in pool enclosure can be. Not only do they keep your pool beautifully clean, they also help keep the bugs out and provide us with some UV resistance from the sun. There extremely valuable to have on your side. Our team will keep your pool cage the color its meant to be. We give extra care to ensure that we use low pressure in these areas so your screen doesn't get blown out from high pressure.

Our job is to keep your pool area clean for your enjoyment.

With Florida's climate being prime conditions for organic mold growth and mildew, you can count on us to keep your pool area in tip top shape for years to come. Give us a call for you free estimate today.


Before and after pool cage pool deck from pressure washing

Gutter Cleaning

The gutters on your home are designed to channel the rain water from your roof to the ground and away from your home. Right? Well when the storm clouds gather around your home your likely thinking about getting indoors not so much about your gutters that are blocked up from debris.

If your gutters haven't been cleaned in some time its likely your in need of our gutter cleaning services.

Our steps for cleaning your gutters are as follows:

  1. We will remove all leaves, pine needles, sticks, sludge and yes occasionally small trees from your gutter.
  2. Check that your downspouts are flowing freely and that your french drains (if applicable) are also free from debris.
  3. All rubble from your gutters will be bagged and removed from your property for your convenience.


Fence Washing

Fences are a great touch to your home. Giving you privacy and keeping Max where he belongs. Though just like any surface in Florida it doesn't take long before you can start to notice your wood or PVC fence start to degrade in appearance. As always, our process is low pressure and will not damage or harm your fence. Wood fences should last anywhere from 10-15 years, with the proper maintenance. PVC twice as long. Let us keep them up to par so you can enjoy their benefits for years to come.


Before After pressure washing fence