Protect & Preserve Your Brick Paver Surfaces

There are many benefits that come with Concrete or Paver Sealing Restoration:

  1. Huge increase in curb appeal.
  2. Prevents mold, mildew and majority of stains from soiling your surface.
  3. Inhibits weed growth.
  4. Helps to resist fading and protect against harmful UV rays.

Our Sealing Process:

  1. Prep is where it all begins. We will start of by making sure the surface is clean. Our team uses effective cleaners to ensure that your surface is 100% ready for the sealing process. If efflorescence is present we would remove that at this time also. Efflorescence is a white haze that forms on your pavers after a few weeks or months after production. This is caused by migrating salt within the concrete and is a natural condition that may occur in all cement based products. Efflorescence does not effect the integrity of the surface but before sealing it is important to remove it.
  2. After the surface is clean, we will sand all joints. This step will keep your pavers locked together and resist shifting or sinking.
  3. Now its time to see the difference. At this point our crew will begin the process of applying the acrylic sealer to your paver surface. We apply 3 coats of our sealer to your pavers for longevity of the sealer and to get that beautiful long lasting shine. We only use the highest grade sealer (URESEAL Wet Look. Natural look also available). Use of a low quality sealer will cause slippery surfaces and much more expense in the long term.

before paver sealing after paver sealing